SDTTS Turtles in Paradise

While the Society continues to have excellent resources and capacity for rescuing and adopting tortoises and land turtles, our big, ongoing challenge continues to be handling the even larger number of requests for rescuing water turtles. We are being asked to take in 100 or more every month! Our all-volunteer team of Adoptions Coordinators have been working hard to manage this enormous workload.
Very few people are actually looking to adopt Water Turtles. But fortunately, we still have a few foster homes setup that help us handle processing this growing number of incoming water turtles. These are volunteering homes, with substantial outdoor storage ponds, where hundreds of healthy water turtles can be kept, while searching for suitable new homes. A few of our rescues can be seen in this film.
Any donation you can give towards the care and maintenance of these turtles and tortoises we are "re-homing" would be greatly appreciated.

TJ Harmon