Temple's Story


“Temple” is a 100+ lb male sulcata that’s had a rough start in life. Based on the irregularities in his shell growth it appears that his original owner tried to give him the proper care in the beginning stages of his life. Somewhere down the line he began having to endure less than adequate living conditions which caused significant shell damage. In September his owners decided they could no longer care for him and unceremoniously dropped him off on the doorsteps of the Jewish Chabad Temple in UTC. Since the Temple is surrounded by apartment buildings it’s highly unlikely that he came from the immediate area. The kind resident lady that literally stumbled upon him tried in vain to convince the Temple guardians to adopt him into their abode and appoint him as their official mascot. Lost ads were posted around the community and on social websites but no one has yet come forward to reclaim this gentle giant. This big guy is receiving the best of care and has been given a clean bill of health. He's ready to tackle another 50 years!


Temple has been adopted to a new home thanks to the SDTTS and it’s members.

TJ Harmon