Help Save Catalina


This beautiful male California desert tortoise was found 30 years ago wondering through a field in the Catalina Islands. He appeared to be a young adult that was a bit undernourished and dehydrated. The “rescuers” opted to take him home to Orange County where they doted on him after educating themselves on his care requirements.

Unfortunately, this was during the MedFly infestation and drastic methods were being used to eradicate the problem. Malathion was being sprayed throughout OC, using corn syrup to facilitate it’s adherence to vegetation. Catalina’s new owner’s efforts to shield him from exposure were in vain. When they began noticing a change in his gait they took him to a trusted vet for a thorough examination. The vet advised them that there may be permanent minor nerve damage. He also mentioned his discovery of 2 small “kidney stones” that may or may not dissolve over time.

Well, fast forward to present day. Catalina has been relinquished to San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society and has undergone another examination by our esteemed veterinarian, Dr. Todd Cecil. Unfortunately, those 2 small kidney stones did not dissolve and have now been identified as 2 very large bladder stones which must be removed to save his life. Without this costly surgery, Catalina won’t survive.

This big guy has been exposed to so much while in the care of humans. Please, let’s not drop the ball now when he needs us the most.

San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society is accepting donations through PayPal. Our goal is to raise $1000 to offset surgery costs. Please identify your donation as “CATALINA”.

TJ Harmon